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31 May

Trailer review: Baaji is Meera’s show all the way


Baaji’s trailer is out and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it.

High on emotional quotient, Baaji appears to be an epic roller coaster of drama, thrill, suspense, obsession, masala, romance and what not! A fading Lollywood star Shameera (Meera) befriends a beauty salon worker Neha (Amna Ilyas), but all goes haywire when she gets rediscovered by a new director Rohail (Osman Khalid Butt) who sees more potential in Neha. Add jealousy and revenge in the mix and you’re geared up for an entertaining flick. The trailer convincingly depicts the glitz and gloom of the cinema business and it seems engaging.

Judging by the trailer, the film has an interesting mix of characters ranging from the eccentric roles played by Nayyar Ejaz and Nisho to the boisterous character of Mohsin Abbas Haider or Ali Kazmi’s wild persona. However, undoubtedly the film is about Shameera and her bravado and Meera’s feisty and alluring performance has got us hooked.



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The teaser showed us a glimpse of Meera’s dance performances and now the trailer has amped up our interest as Meera, Osman, Amna and Meera can be seen shaking a leg on the remake of a classic Runa Laila tune, Don’t Be Silly. It’s heartening to see that a film narrating the tale of fading Lollywood pays an ode to some of the most memorable tracks of film industry’s golden era. Earlier, we heard a remake of Babra Sharif’s Ye Aaj Mujhko Kiya Hua in the teaser.




And if you’ve seen the trailer with a keen eye, you must have spotted a silhouette of Humayun Saeed with a poster in the backdrop which clearly mentions his name. So we are also looking forward to Humayun’s cameo in the film.

Directed by Saqib Malik, Baaji is all set to hit the theaters on June 28.

Watch the teaser and share your thoughts about the film:



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