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28 Jun

Uzair Jaswal croons about lost love in ‘Kya Yehi Hai Pyaar’

Uzair Jaswal

After a long hiatus, Uzair Jaswal is back with a new song and this one will take you down the memory lane. Kya Yehi Hai Pyaar is a soothing tune which talks about lost love and the ceaseless attachment that doesn’t wither away with time.

Uzair is known for his melodious ballads and this one is definitely going to be on top of the charts. The singer posted the song on his Instagram and shared what the song represents.

“For some of us, no matter how many times we fall in love, we somehow keep coming back to that one person in our head. We associate love with that face, that voice and somewhere down the line we ask ourselves… Was that it? Was that my share of Iove?” he wrote.

Kya Yehi Hai Pyaar is a beautiful number to listen to on long drives or to slow dance on. The video of the song features only an animated character, who looks like Uzair sitting alone in a dark room with a rose in his hands, while the lyrics appear on screen.



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