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23 Nov

Uzair Jaswal’s Yaadaan is a perfect melody for the broken-hearted

Uzair Jaswal

There was much buzz about Uzair Jaswal’s new song soon after he posted pictures with Minal Khan on Instagram. However, the release got delayed and we got a bigger news in the form of his brother, Umair Jaswal’s nikkah with Sana Javed. Now after over a month’s anticipation, Uzair has finally released his track Yaadaan and the song is about a heartbreak; yes, again!

Well… love hurts when hearts break and there are no two opinions about it. What makes it a little bearable are emotional songs that talk about the said heartache. Uzair has attempted a similar approach in Yaadaan. It is a melodious ballad in Punjabi in which the signer has expressed the bittersweet journey after a heartbreak.


Uzair Jaswal


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Shot in picturesque locations, Uzair and Minal look picture perfect in the video. While Uzair reminisces about a long lost love, it is heartrending to see the two smiling and laughing like a perfect couple, only not ending up together. The singer repeatedly shares how he is happy if his beloved is happy, and how he may have forgotten everything else but not her; even when they are separated, her memories will always stay with him.

The song is directed by Adnan Aslam and Umair Mushtaq and is a beautiful composition to listen to during winter long drives. Watch the song here:



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