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9 Apr

Video: Danyal Zafar reveals he had auditioned for Disney’s Aladdin

Danyal Zafar is a multi-talented artist and despite being Ali Zafar’s younger brother, he actually has the talent to prove that he is going to make it big in the entertainment industry. He has already made a place for himself in the music industry and is now set to make his acting debut with Ramazan play Tanaa Banaa and Mahira Khan’s debut production, Baarwan Khiladi.

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In an exclusive chat with Hassan Choudary of Something Haute, Danyal spoke about his Bollywood debut that never materialized, nepotism playing a part in his career, his big Hollywood audition, mental health, going into therapy and much more.


Danyal Zafar and Hassan Choudary


Danyal was supposed to be launched in Bollywood as the next Yash Raj boy, however, the Uri attacks happened and there was tension between India and Pakistan due to which the project never materialized.

“The day they were launching me as the next Yash Raj boy, that is that day all the issue happened,” he said revealing that the film he had signed was Qaidi Band. “The film came out and it did not do good enough business.”

“I was in London. This was after the Yash Raj project in 2017. I was in the subway where I saw a poster for the auditions of Aladdin. It was a walk-in audition and I had my flight the next day,” Danyal shared adding that it’s not always about links, contacts and nepotism. “I walked in, gave the audition for Aladdin. No one knew who I was, yet I got a call,” he said revealing that he got short-listed.

He also shared that he had almost a month-long reading sessions and auditions with the casting director of Aladdin. “I did not get it but I was very close to it,” he shared adding that it was solely on merit. “The fact that I got far enough that Guy Ritchie took notice was a huge win for me.”

Watch the complete interview here to know more about Danyal’s journey:




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