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12 Feb

Video: Farooq Rind answers tough questions about Pyar Ke Sadqay & Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Farooq Rind

After receiving praises for the eccentric depiction of Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s story line, director Farooq Rind’s new offering Pyar Ke Sadqay came as another feather in his cap. The director with exceptional vision and artistic expression is audiences’ favourite these days as he has given TV viewers great projects one after the other.

Something Haute recently caught up with the man behind the camera and we tried finding answers for some of the most frequently asked questions. While trying to dodge the burning question that whether Shakira was Sameer’s mother in IZN, Farooq hinted that the answer is in the last few scene of the play. “I wouldn’t want to say yes or not to it; he asked Shakira ‘tum meri lagti kia ho?’ to which she replied: ‘Samjho tou bohat kuch, na samjho to kuch bhi nahi [who are you to me?… everything in case you understand and nothing if you don’t]. So we left it on viewer’s interpretation,” he said.

Farooq further revealed that he has seen a character like Sameer up-close in his personal life so his observations were came from experiences. “People suffering from multiple personality disorder cannot be cured, but we can’t give up hope. I wanted to portray that he got a sense of freedom and went towards sufism,” he added.

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Moving on to Pyar Ke Sadqay, Farooq revealed that he had always been a risk taker when it comes to stories. With projects like Baaghi, Sanjha, Besharam and many more unconventional plays to his credit, the director has a knack for newer concepts.

“Yumna (as Mahjabeen in PKS) is playing an innocent young girl who is too naive to comprehend situations and react to them. She has her own way to dealing with life. The drama tries to portray life of two simple and gullible individuals, Mahjabeen and Abdullah,” he said.

Watch the complete interview here to find out why Pyar Ke Sadqay is treated as a musical, his struggle with pressures of ratings:



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