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1 Nov

Video: I encouraged the woman inside me to come out to play Sameera, says Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed

The hype around Ishq Zahe Naseeb is at an all-time high; the fates of its two leading couples — Sameer and Gohar (played by Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussyn) and Kashif and Dooniya (played by Sami Khan and Zarnish Khan) are at crossroads with both pairs being engaged. Keeping in mind the fortune-teller’s prophecy, viewers are eagerly waiting to find out how events will unfold for both the couples.

Undoubtedly Zahid’s dual characters — Sameer and Sameera — have kept us on our toes and in order to know more about them, Something Haute recently caught up with the actor himself. Answering the most burning question that is Ishq Zahe Naseeb going to be conclusive about Sameer’s mental illness? Zahid clarified his character indeed suffers from dissociative identity disorder and that they will not leave the audience with questions.

“We won’t dwell too much about what the cure for such condition because honestly, we can’t. Sameera is based on a real-life person (Shakira) with whom a lot of emotional trauma was attached. It is a safe haven inside this man; it was very much a real person who he visits and embodies but now it’s purely in his mind,” Zahid said.


Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed as Sameera in Ishq Zahe Naseeb


While Zahid hinted that the drama may further highlight a possible child sexual abuse angle, the actor also confirmed that “Sameera affection’s are now gravitating towards Gohar and hence his pre-dominant personality that resides in him (Sameera) wants to knock Gohar off. This is the battle that’s going to ensue in the following episodes. Now things are coming full circle. Now she is going to be a part of my life and she will come face to face with all my demons in all their glory,” he added.

Zahid also disclosed that he did absolutely no preparations for this role. However, he and the director (Farooq Rind) along with writer Hashim Nadeem set together and made many changes in the script to develop his character.

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“It’s a mental condition so it has to come from within. I prepared myself to let go of any inhibitions whatsoever. I  knew that visually I will be dressing up as a woman in front of a Pakistani society who instantly labels such characters as transgenders or eunuchs. However, that didn’t happen at all. I tried to channel whatever femininity lies inside me and not be bothered about it. In fact, I found myself really pretty (in that red lipstick),” he laughingly said.

Zahid further discussed about how audiences have proved naysayers wrong by accepting a peculiar play like Ishq Zahe Naseeb, why he is picky about choosing films and has only signed Sohail Javed’s  Sorry – A Love Story so far, and why misery sells on television.

Watch the complete interview here to find out about his next projects and what’s in store in the next ten episodes:



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