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25 Oct

Video: MPTH director Nadeem Baig reveals actresses were scared to play Mehwish

Nadeem Baig

Meray Paas Tum Ho has set new records for television ratings in the last few weeks. Only 10 episodes have aired so far but the audiences are hooked and have established a love-hate relationship with the three main characters, Danish, Mehwish and Shahwar. With Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s compelling script and Nadeem Baig’s powerful direction, this was meant to be a success. However, we got in touch with Nadeem Baig to find out what hurdles he faced in making Meray Paas Tum Ho (MPTH).

When asked what kind of a reaction he expected on this controversial subject, keeping in mind the sensibility of local viewers, Nadeem shared that he believes there is no villain in MPTH. “It isn’t as simple as a woman (Mehwish) cheating on her husband (Danish). The story has a lot of grey areas; there are no negative characters in here as everyone has an agenda for what he/she is doing: a husband who is very loving and willing to do anything for his wife, a wife who loves her husband but she is looking at a better man who is offering her a better life,” he said.

Talking about the casting process, Nadeem revealed that Humayun Saeed always wanted to play Danish.

“Humayun wanted to play Danish as it was very challenging for him and his performance surprised us; he can pull off any kind of role. With the kind of body of work all these three actors have, it’s extremely difficult to make such diverse characters believeable,” Nadeem added.

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Interesting, Ayeza Khan was one of the three choices they had in mind to play Mehwish. “We approached 3-4 other actresses for this character but they were scared of doing it. They expected public to bash them for this character and that’s what’s happening with Ayeza these days. It’s commendable that Ayeza dared to attempt it and has performed it so convincingly,” the director said.

“The difference in her performance is visible; how Mehwish used to look at Danish in the initial scenes of the play and how she looks at him now,” he added.

The director also urged the audiences to start differentiating between actors and their on-screen characters.

Watch the full interview here to find out why he wasn’t directing MPTH initially, details about his next two films with Humayun Saeed and when will we see London Nahi Jaunga:




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