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5 Sep

Visas prevent designers from Pret a Porter, Paris

Eight Pakistani designers, coined as Pakistan’s Super Eight by French fashion enthusiast Alexandra Senes, have very sadly been reduced to the number four as far as their presence in Paris is concerned. The Atmosphere, a section of the Pret a Porter fair hosting the Super Eight, however was just as rich as the designers left behind were quick enough to package off their wares. According to Adnan Pardesy who did manage to fly out in time and kept tweeting his tour, “The show was gr8. Very well received. And the interest in the product from buyers is interesting.”

Pity that someone so creatively well-crafted as Kami couldn’t be one of Pakistan’s fashion ambassadors to Paris.

Kamiar Rokni, Khaadi Khaas, Muse and Zaheer Abbas were unable to travel to Paris due to visa issues, whereas Feeha Jamshed had already earlier pulled out due to her sister’s untimely and tragic death (ironically also in Paris).

“I’m still waiting for my visa,” a disgruntled yet resigned-to-fate Kamiar Rokni spoke to me this morning. His Facebook statuses ( a series of grunts) were indicative of something being wrong but seriously, of all the things no-one had expected it to be visa restraints. Especially not after the kind of clout the Pakistan Fashion Design Council was pulling in.

“Even if I do get it today or tomorrow I won’t be going,” he added. “The fair is over.”

Zaheer Abbas couldn’t travel to Paris but his collection did.

Rokni informed that while some designers were not traveling due to delayed (or rejected) visas, the council had sent Heba Sher (of Little Black Book) to Paris with all collections and she would be representing them at the world’s most prestigious fashion fair for womenswear.

“I have no idea why they rejected my visa,” said Zaheer Abbas. “I haven’t picked up my passport yet but sure it was disappointing. I spoke to Alexandra Senes last night and she said the interest in our collections was great. That makes me happy but these guys were out clubbing all night and they called to make us feel a tad bit jealous too,” he added with good humour.

It is a pity that four of Pakistan’s best labels couldn’t be represented by their designers but there always will be a next time. If Pakistan can’t make it to Paris then apparently Paris is willing to make it to Pakistan. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Elle Paris will be flying in to cover PFDC’s fashion week slated for October! Till later…

Meanwhile, check out the Pakistan show:


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