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20 May

My Weight Loss Marathon


20.5.2012: Four weeks

Status: 7/100 pounds lost

Okay so I have lost 7 pounds in a month. That’s not too much by any standard but it’s a very encouraging start for me as this loss comes effortlessly, without any diet  or exercise or medication. All I did was consciously watch what I eat and ration on my portions and quality of food eaten. Now I am so encouraged that I aim to lose 10 pounds over the next four weeks. Let’s hope I can manage.

What have I been doing? Just something my doctors have been telling me forever: change my relationship with food. I always thought that eating out has been the core of my weight gain but no, I have realized that when I eat what I enjoy, I tend to choose what is healthy and pleasing as opposed to stuffing myself with calories I regret later.

A salad at Xander’s Cafe, an egg white omelette at Butler’s, sashimi salad or even sushhi at Sakura, a steak at Flo…Nando’s chicken, Barbeque Tonight grills…my options are endless. And for dessert, well thank God for sugar-free, fat-free frozen yoghurt and fresh fruit. My dependency on sugar has changed over the month. I had ONLY ONE chocolate bar all month and there have been no sugar cravings and no headaches.

My thought process has changed; I am not losing for a wedding or an event as I have done all my life. This time I am doing it for me and I’m going to do it whichever way I find easy, encouraging and doable. I hope to lose 3 pounds this week to even out my average. Wish me luck!

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