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13 May

My weight-loss marathon


13.5.2012: three weeks

Status: 5/100 pounds lost

Myself with accessory designer Mahin Hussein who is talented and weightless. I have cropped 75% of my body out from this picture, mind you.

 Okay, so that’s not so much, in fact it’s not even my target weight loss of two pounds a week, which many of you may consider too slow to begin with. But this time I want to do things patiently and I’m not disappointed. I picked up a 2kg bag of sugar this morning and thought to myself, “Woa, that is substantial!”

In the fist week I lost 4 pounds, which I knew was very superficial and mostly water weight. In week 2 I didn’t update my status (which I should have) because I evened out those four pounds and ensured they stayed off. This week I was a little frivolous with my snacks and am guilty of having at least three croissants over three days for breakfast. Hence, the 1 pound update.

BUT I am still delighted because five pounds is better than nothing and not a day did I feel I was on a diet. So far I have just been rationing what I’m eating. I give in to cravings: an ice-cream, croissant or donut but try to restrict cravings to mornings. I hope I have more good news for you next week! I do expect to shift the gears a little.

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