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28 Oct

Avant-garde makeup trends by Nabila


A pioneer in the industry and always on the forefront of ground breaking initiatives in the world of hair and makeup, Nabila not only styles the numerous fashion weeks and award shows in Pakistan but also introduces avant-garde makeup trends to be followed every season. Beauty aficionados will have noticed that Nabila’s vision is at par with international trends, often modifying them for a local beauty consumer.

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While smokey eyes and the classic red lip remain hot favourites for the bridal season, we saw some great experimentation of braided hoops in hairdos to metallic touches in makeup at PLBW. The makeup maestro spoke about her choice of makeup trends for the season and let us warn you they’re not for the conventional or weak hearted! They’re for the true bold fashionista who is always up for experimenting.

Festive brows



A trend we noticed at fashion weeks this season, full bushy brows transformed into thick tinted ones on the runway, and now they have undergone another crazy change to grab more attention! Festive brows, as Nabila calls them, are all about making a statement. From confetti or bright tints, take your pick.





Forget the nudes and bring on the shine this season! It could be creamy glitter eyeshadow, or a touch of glitter for your lips. With your outfits taking a dark turn in the cooler season, shine and shimmer for your makeup will be the perfect accent to complement your look.


Cosmic Metal



Metallic looks tend to come back in fashion every winter, but since this season it’s all about avant-garde looks, why not add the glam metallic touch to your lip colour? Huda Beauty’s lip strobes are becoming a favourite for a reason!


Mariam Tahir

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