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11 Aug

Zoe Viccaji’s new video has blown us away!

Zoe Viccaji has wowed us with an original song after a very long time. ‘Ho Jao Azaad’ isn’t your typical Independence Day song but it has hints and wisps of patriotism and one cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas captured in the video.  At first the song appears average but eventually it grows on you. It has a soft, catchy beat and Zoe’s vocals remind us of Nazia Hassan, which we all should now get used to.

Directed and edited by Kamal Khan, ‘Ho Jao Azaad’ is an ode to the grandeur of Pakistan’s north, which sadly not many people have seen. It’s been shot brilliantly and inspires on to pack a bag and set out. The ground reality may be very different – we can’t imagine traveling by train anymore or enjoying the mountains without jarring plastic bags polluting the landscape – but at least the video presents a picture of what it should be like.

We love the fact that Zoe decided to shoot her music video highlighting some of the beauty of Pakistan; now we know that her Instagram feed wasn’t just featuring holiday pics but she was up in Hunza shooting this video. It needs to get airtime on TV!

And until it does, watch the video here:


Picture courtesy: Kamal Khan


Manal Faheem Khan

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute who has studied film and journalism from SZABIST. Will be found at the gym if not in the office.

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