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22 May

Ertuğrul actor Gülsim Ali appreciates Neelam Muneer for her kind words


TV screens in Pakistan are currently taken over by the gripping and powerful narrative of Turkish drama series, DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul. And while many of our local celebrities are irked by the telecast on PTV, most of the stars and the viewers are all praises.

Neelam Muneer recently took to her Instagram and expressed her admiration for the show.



Hinting at the continuous debate surrounding the play, Neelam pointed out how the message of this show transcends borders.

“Even though I respect views of everyone in my fraternity but I feel it’s not the matter of Turkish content or Pakistani content. We should look beyond and understand that its Islamic content, which has so much wisdom and teaches us the history and the values of Muslims. They gave their lives for justice and remained on Allah’s path. And they kept Islam alive. It’s like reading a book which is full of great history of Muslims,” she wrote.

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“Let’s just feel proud of our Islamic heritage and get motivated and also create content in Pakistan which we should also be proud of. Allah Kareem,” she added.

Her comments soon caught the attention of the Turkish actor, Gülsim Ali, who plays the role of Aslihan Hatun in the drama. She replied to her post and thanked her for appreciating the content.



“Thank you Neelam Muneer Khan for the nice compliments. You and your heart is so beautiful, wish you all the best,” she wrote.

Earlier, other leading stars of the series including Engin Altan Düzyatan and Esra Bilgiç who play Ertuğrul and Halime Sultan respectively, had expressed their gratitude for the love they received for their work in Pakistan and also they wished to visit Pakistan soon.


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