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14 May

Sana Javed has signed his next film, Humayun Saeed reveals in Jeeto Pakistan League

Sana Javed

The future of Pakistani cinema appeared to be very promising at the beginning of 2020. We reported that over two dozen Pakistani films are scheduled to release this year. However, every hope went down the drain due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Amidst all this gloom, we have found out a ray of sunshine; Sana Javed has signed her next film.

In last night’s episode of Jeeto Pakistan League, Humayun Saeed and Sana Javed were invited to represent their respective teams. During a conversation, Humayun let it slip that Sana has signed his next film. Though he did not reveal more than that, reliable sources have confirmed that she is onboard. And who needs more confirmation than Humayun’s own announcement.


Sana Javed


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We wonder if Humayun is going to be the main lead in the film or if he is just producing it, but we are excited to see a new pairing. Sana was last seen making a big screen debut in 2017’s Mehrunisa V Lub U opposited Danish Taimoor. Prior to Covid-19 outbreak, Humayun was working on his next venture, London Nahin Jaunga and later he was expected to shoot for another film, Love Guru Ho Ja Shuru. Both the films will be directed by Nadeem Baig.


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