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1 Jun

Lockdown weddings: Love in the time of a pandemic


Wedding day is the most special day for a bride and groom and we’re sure that all the single ladies have many expectations for their big day. Girls plan for this day for months, sometimes over a year, keeping in mind every detail from music playlists, wedding attire and photography to delicious food, lavish decor and what not! Despite factoring in every emergency possible, we are sure no one had even considered a pandemic. Unfortunately, that’s what hit us in 2020!

Nonetheless, it seems that even a lockdown cannot dampen our spirits because love (and wedding season) is in the air. As they say where there is love, there can’t be any obstacle too big to stop people from being together. So, some celebrity couples have happily made the best out of a difficult situation and set an example. The extravagant wedding that was once an absolute necessity seems like an unnecessary expense now that it’s not an option anymore. Celebrities have started getting married in simple and intimate Nikkah gatherings and it’s inspiring us!

Firstly, Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai got married in a small Nikkah ceremony and proved to all that love has no age limit. The adorable veteran actors provided some much-needed positivity in an otherwise negative time period.



Next, it was Nimra Khan who got married during the lockdown as well. She also shared that she always wanted a simple wedding. With all these restrictions, she finally got the chance to have an intimate wedding she always dreamt of.



A few weeks ago, Hina Altaf and Aagha Ali also followed the trend. Aagha Ali shared on his social media that he simply didn’t want to wait anymore and a simple ceremony was more a blessing than an obstacle in their way.



Another celebrity couple that got married recently is Danyal Raheal and Faryal Mehmood.



The couple looked happy and content with their decision as if nothing in the world matters to them apart from each other’s presence. It makes one realize that what truly matters in life isn’t the appearances or material things.

Lastly, we saw the latest news of Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari tying the knot in a small gathering at home. Sadaf took it one step further and didn’t even buy new clothes. She chose to wear her mother-in-law’s dress for the event.


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We’re hoping that this extremely favourable trend becomes the norm in the future. Big and lavish weddings are only a source of stress and anxiety and are harmful for our mental well-being as well as financial well-being. So let’s all take this as a learning experience and not just a phase until the fear of COVID-19 subsides.



Eman Lakhany